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Love Hope Light

“My mother’s name is Nexhmije Ibrahimi Nussbaumer, and I am a living testament to her philosophies. Chief among them is her belief that nothing is finished until there is a happy ending—until you reach the light.” –

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As much a tribute to Angela Martini’s beloved mother as it is a personal memoir, Love. Hope. Light. is a multigenerational story of tenacity and the resilient power of love and family to overcome adversity.


Angela Martini was born in Shkodër, Albania during a time of political instability as communism started to dissolve in the region. Her early childhood was plagued by kidnapping attempts, neighborhood violence, and at one point, a short stay in a refugee camp.

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Angela Martini will start her USA Book tour on March 17th to April 1oth 2020.  Meet Angela in person, and get a personalized copy of her new book. More details on her tour will be posted here very soon!