Angela Martini is a model, turned life coach, turned author. Martini’s memoir, LOVE HOPE LIGHT, could not be more pertinent to the times we are living in, in a world where safety and the future is uncertain. Her book, which was just released in the U.S. after being sold out in her home country of Albania, guides readers through doubt, anxiety and fear.

LOVE HOPE LIGHT provides key takeaways that readers can implement during this COVID-19 crisis, while inspiring others to never give up in the pursuit of forging their way through the darkest hour to find their light.

Her story is very unique and inspiring within itself. As a former top model and Miss Universe, she opens up about fighting against all odds, overcoming a life of poverty, spending a short time in a refugee camp and more to attain her ultimate success and happiness.

Right now, we could all use some inspiration… Could you begin by sharing some of the transitions and obstacles you have faced in your life and on your journey to success?

I’ve faced many transitions and obstacles on the path to achieving my goals – transitions and obstacles that I continue to face today, which made me realize they are a part of life itself. In terms of inspiration, I can tell you this: ALL the obstacles and difficulties I’ve experienced have helped me to grow and transform my life for the better.  A long time ago I came to understand that we cannot grow and achieve our goals without leaving our comfort zone or without facing hardships and difficulties. I understand that we need to focus on the bigger picture in life and that a problem or obstacle can actually be an opportunity to change our circumstance for the better, and an opportunity to reach higher levels in our lives that we may not have had the courage to even dream about before. I understand that often times we need to embrace the negative we face in our lives, because the result may be the best thing we achieve in our lives!

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