In a world where safety and the future is uncertain, LOVE HOPE LIGHT guides readers through doubt, anxiety, and fear – providing key takeaways we can implement during this COVID-19 crisis and inspiring others to never give up in the pursuit of forging their way through the darkest hour to find their light.

Her story is very unique and inspiring within itself. As a former top model and Miss Universe, she opens up about fighting against all odds, overcoming a life of poverty, spending a short time in a refugee camp and more to attain her ultimate success and happiness.

I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak with Angela Martini, she is an inspiration that walks the talk of LOVE, HOPE, and LIGHT.


What inspired you to write your book?

Angela Martini. I love sharing inspirational stories. I have learned through personal experience that there is always a silver lining, and the most important thing is to hold onto love.

What can you share with people that can help during this pandemic and the isolation people are having to experience?

Angela Martin. I was ten years old when I had to remain in isolation for 8 months. In school they teach you to read and write and do math, but they don’t teach you anything about emotions. What are these feelings of fear, confusion, loneliness? I learned to allow myself to escape into a fantasy world where I would imagine how I wanted life to be. I didn’t dwell on the uncomfortable circumstance, I focused on creating a happy place to go in my mind. My fantasy creations turned out to be better than I ever imagined! But I can tell you that things improve when you focus on the improvement. Just a little effort in this direction goes a long way to creating a brighter future.

How are you occupying your time in the isolation of the Covid-19 lockdown?

Angela Martini. Fortunately, I enjoy my own company! I like to read and I am a movie producer so I have a creative outlet that I really enjoy.