Angela Martini, a former Miss Universe Albania and ELITE model, has turned author for her newest book, Love, Light, Hope. The book has been picked up by Indigo River Publishing and chronicles the hardships her mother endured in her native Albania, escaping communism and re-establishing herself as a successful woman in Switzerland.

With a passion for travel, beauty and fashion, Angela regularly documents her looks via socials. Angela enjoys a whopping 1.5 million reach across her social channels.

Women Fitness joins the stunning beauty turned author for an interesting conversation!

You are the former Miss Universe Albania and ELITE model turned author to your newest book, Love, Light, Hope. How would you describe your journey in the world of entertainment?


I am doing few things now, it is true. It was a fun period becoming Miss Universe Albania, then working as a model, as I had the chance meeting a lot of great people around the world. Becoming a life coach was my first step towards learning more about human Psychology and reaching my goal of helping people. As a movie producer I realized that I would have the chance to express some of my deep ideas and thoughts through the movies I produce. Being an author is probably my greatest achievement so far and I am happy and proud to have the chance to talk about my life and share my amazing mother’s life story. Passing through all of these activities, the journey has just been so crazy, sexy, cool. 🙂

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